ASX Digital 5 inch


Alternating pressure system for the treatment

of pressure ulcers up to grade III (according to EPUAP).


The ASX mattress overlay features nylon/PU cells,

eight of which are micro-perforated. The cover is bi-elastic, PU-coated and has an allaround zipper.


In addition, a double layer bottom permits the insert

of a mattress base of up to 3,5 cm. This feature protects

the existing mattress from soiling.




Item no. 997508K


Measurements: approx. 30 x 18 x 12 cm


Weight: approx. 5.4 k


1 membrane compressor, digital control with pressure sensor, alternating pressure, static mode, 10 min. time cycle, touch pad panel, low pressure alarm (visual and acoustic)


Mattress overlay Measurements inflated:

  • approx. 200 x 90 x 14 cm (without safety mattress)
  • Weight: approx. 5.4 kg (without safety mattress)

18 cells, 3 head cells static, non-bending connecting tubes (incl. transportation safety lock), CPR emergency ventilation



  • Cells: high-quality nylon PU cell material
  • Cover: PES polyurethane cover with allaround zipper, bi-elastic, highly breathable, slip-retardant

Accessories (optional)

  • transport bag for mattress and control unit foam mattress base with nylon cover (item no. 991508+)

Max. patient weight: 160 kg