ASX Digital 6 inch

The ASX digital 6 inch Mattress System is suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to grade IV according to EPUAP.


The control unit of the ASX digital features digital pressure sensor technology thus ensuring a silent operation and a long product life. The ASX digital mattress overlay features 18 nylon / PU cells. Three head-cells are static.


The bi-elastic cover is breathable, PU-coated and has an all-round zip. In addition, the sandwich construction permits the integration of a safety mattress of 2 to 5 cm height. The system is suitable for patients from 20 kg up to 200 kg.



  • touch pad panel (automatic keylock after 3 min.)
  • care function, 5 heel cells with quick release connectors and self-closing valves
  • long service intervals
  • low noise level



  • low pressure alarm (visual and acoustic)
  • power failure alarm



Item no. 997108K 88


Control unit

  • Measurements: approx. 30 x 18 x 12 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2,7 kg

1 membrane compressor, digital control with pressure sensor, alternating pressure cycle (12 min) & static mode, touch pad panel, low pressure alarm (visual and acoustic). Automatic keylock after 3 min.


Mattress Replacement

  • Measurements: 200 x 88 x 17,5 cm (inflated, incl. 2 cm mattress base)
  • Weight: 7.2 kg (without safety mattress)

18 cells (Ø approx. 15 cm), non-bending connecting tubes (incl. transportation safety lock), CPR emergency ventilation, 5 heel cells with quick release connectors and self-closing valves for creating pressure free zones in this sensitive area.



  • Cells: high-quality nylon PU cell material
  • Cover: PES polyurethane cover with all-round zip, bi-elastic, highly-breathable, slip-retardant


Optional Accessories

Item.-No.: 991305+ Item.-No.: 991508+2 Item.-No.: 991508+