Work more efficiently

The NEUROWERK EEG system meets the highest demands placed on EEG diagnostics, ranging from the routine EEG in hospitals up to long-term or neurological monitoring in the intensive care unit.


Our innovation strength is demonstrated once more by a whole host of technical highlights, such as high-resolution AD conversion. All methods required for daily EEG diagnostics are already provided in the standard version of NEUROWERK EEG.


These methods include, for example, spectral analysis and EEG mapping to assist you in the evaluation of EEGs. Furthermore, the reliability and durability of NEUROWERK systems guarantee lasting investment value for hospitals and surgeries.


Be inspired by the exibility and intuitive operability of our EEG devices, which make your work with the patient especially efficient.


  • Automatic amplitude and frequenzy measurement
  • Density spectral array (DSA), mapping
  • Montage editor for adaptation of the EEG examinations
  • Synchronous full HD video recording
  • Export of EEG, video and results on any media
  • Interfaces and conversion for external evaluation software (e.g. EDF, Matlab)
  • Smooth digital zoom


  • With 34, 58 or 90 channels
  • On instrument trolley or in transport case
  • Combined unit with EMG/EP extension
  • With desktop PC/mini PC and TFT monitor or with laptop
  • As a kit for connection to an existing PC

Download Neurowerk EEG Brochure
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.2 MB