Pro Lift A166

The ultra-lightweight aluminum hoist

The aluminum hoist ProLift A 166 is the lightest hoist of the ProLift range, weighing only 32 kg. It easily copes with any hoisting situation while ergonomics and design go hand in hand.


A vast range of small details such as the self-locking undercarriage or the quick-change system at the sling bar complete the features of the ProLift A 166.


The lightweight mobile patient hoist was developed for everyday hoisting and transfer situations. It can easily hoist patients from a sitting or lying position - even off the floor.


With only 32 kg weight, the ProLift A 166 features a hoisting capacity of 166 kg guaranteeing ease of use and exceptional convenience. The ProLift A 166 can be combined with a comprehensive range of sitting and transfer accessories.


  • Hoisting capacity: 166 kg
  • Weight: approx. 32 kg
  • Hoisting height min.-max.: 395 – 1690 mm
  • Hoisting speed min. – max.
  • without load: approx. 19 mm/sec.
  • with load: approx. 15 mm/sec.
  • Total width undercarriage: 650 – 1045 mm
  • Total length undercarriage: 1100 mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Wheel diameter: 75 mm
  • Emergency down function: electrical & manual
  • Sling bar (included): single 542 mm