ProLift Argo

The light aluminum sit-to-stand hoist.


The ProLift Argo is one of the lightest and most compact mobile aluminum sit-to-stand hoists lifting patients from a sitting to a standing position. The well thought-out design guarantees maximum support. The ProLift Argo permits a more active patient mobilization – according to his individual abilities.


The undercarriage can easily be spread to accomodate arm- or nursing chairs. The adjustment of the Standsupport sling is easy

and carried out within seconds. The lifting process is smooth and gentle.




Hoisting capacity: 220 kg


Weight approx.: 36 kg


Height: 106 cm

Height max.: 148 cm

Length: 93 cm

Width: 67 cm


Hoisting speed

without load approx.:14.5 mm/sec.

with load approx.: 11.6 mm/sec.


Material: aluminum


Wheel diameter: 75 mm


Emergency down: electrical and function manual


Sling bar 43 cm