ProLift Cacero

The novacare Cacero, compact, lightweight and functional


German design and engineering make the ProLift Cacero an attractive choice for nursing home and care facilities. The Cacero is a low budget but powerful alternative to the aluminium models from the ProLift series.

Thanks to its large lifting range, patients can also be lifted from the floor thus covering a wide range of uses and making the novacare Cacero suitable for any care environment.


The design of the undercarriage provides the customer with space for a stress-free transfer. The chassis allows for a widespread to accommodate wide chairs and wheelchairs. The novacare Cacero, with its low-friction and easy-rolling wheels, uses the latest TiMotion control box, hand control and actuator with IP66 rating. To facilitate transport and storage, the novacare Cacero can be folded without tools.


Despite the low weight of 43 kg, it allows a safe working load of 180 kg whilst maintaining its manoeuvrability.




Item No. (Euro): 960800N H


Item No. (UK): 960805N HU


  • Hoisting capacity: 180 kg
  • Hoisting height: 1870 mm
  • Motor: TiMotion TA37 Schutzart IP66
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Material: steel powder-coated
  • Undercarriage: 595 mm
  • Undercarriage length: 1150 mm
  • Standard sling bar: 542 mm
  • Emergency Lowering Function: manual


  • single sling bar 370 mm
  • single sling bar 731 mm
  • double sling bar 632 mm x 432 mm
  • double sling bar 731mm x 531 mm
  • Patient class 3 weighing scale
  • range of ProLift slings