Actilog Plus

For whom?



  • with mild to severe mental impairment (e.g., dementia)
  • with delirium
  • with sleep disorders
  • with heart or prostate problems
  • with coordination difficulties (e.g., multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's patients)
  • with orientation difficulties in the dark

For what?
Actilog is a mat designed specifically for patients with limited coordination and / or orientation. When leaving the bed, the alarm is triggered by the nursing staff. Actilog guarantees all-round monitoring because the sensor can not be bypassed by the patient.

  • Allround Monitoring
  • Alarm delay: 5,10,15 minutes
  • Individual adjustment of the sensor (alarm, if the patient leaves the bed completely or even if he sits on the edge of the bed!)
  • with manual switching device