functional furniture


Functional furniture for clinics,
medical practices and outpatient departments


MEGAprogress is full of rich features.
Perfectly-fitted furnishings are planned for every imaginable functional area, for example sterilisation areas. Instrument
and implant storage cabinets, endoscope and catheter storage cabinets –MEGAprogress provides a solution to all
technical requirements in hospitals and medical practices.

Everything is where it should be


Now it's easy to keep things orderly. The FF-click connector system puts everything in its place. But it’s not necessarily forever
because bowls, boxes and trays can be relocated with another click.
Easy and MEGA-safe.


With its pleasant appearance, MEGAdrive gains the trust of patients. With its professional equipment, it also eases your
work every day – for emergencies and operations, during exams and anaesthetising, when bandaging or applying plaster casts.


MEGAdrive doesn’t just offer you a rugged shell, but also plenty of ergonomically sound details – ranging from soft closing drawers which are as quiet as a whisper to uniquely-shaped push
handles. The long service life of the trolleys is guaranteed by their high-quality finish “German technology” and specially selected durable materials


Loaded in the morning, no need to re-stock all day.
The MEGAstore offers ample space for an entire day’s worth
of consumables. Individually usable modules can be used to
store everything needed in the day-to-day running of a clinic.
Dust-tight and clean behind space-saving roller shutters or
individually opening hinged doors


Extremely easy to manoeuvre.
Two long, ergonomic push handles on both sides.
Their large-dimensioned diameters make them fit
particularly well in the hand. As a result, the trolley
is easy to move. By people of all sizes.


Sturdy with smooth rolling castors.
FF Co. Ltd.’s proven high quality is featured in the robust corner guards which provide all round protection for the trolley and other equipment or surfaces that it might come in contact with. The double, extra smooth rolling castors ensure easy manoeuvring even when fully loaded. The brakes and directional locks on two castors offer additional safety when parked.



Clean and closed. Easy to open.
In order to ensure that everything is kept clean until needed, an all-round seal protects against dust and dirt. High-quality hinges create an extra large opening angle of 270°.