Hollow Fiber Two-Piece Overlay

Hollow Fiber Two-Piece Overlay


Our one-piece hollow fiber overlay mattress is best suited for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers stage I. The tight filling with siliconized hollow polyester fibers reliably reduces shear and pressure from body weight. The combination with eudermic materials used in the cover guarante most comfortable resting conditions.


Made from the same materials, our two-piece hollow fiber overlay is particularly suitable for home care-giving (fits in any washing machine).




One-piece overlay: Item no. 994001

Two-piece overlay: Item no. 994002



approx. 90 x 200 x 9 cm

Weight: approx. 3.5 kg or 2 x 1.7 kg (2-piece)



Cover: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

Filling: siliconized polyester hollow fibers

Fixation: sturdy rubber belts

Stitching: short grain

Machine-washable at 60° C


Max. patient weight: 75 kg