TEMPUR-MED Premium mattress 15 cm

For patients with a higher risk who require special attention or patients requiring extra comfort, the TEMPUR-MED Premium mattress is the evident choice.
The 7 cm TEMPUR, combined with an 8 cm bottom layer of high-elastic foam provides optimal pressure relief and very high comfort to the patient.

  • The TEMPUR-MED Premium mattress replaces an ordinary mattress.
  • The TEMPUR-MED Premium mattress comes with a dark-blue PU-cover
    and is designed to be fully compatible with TEMPUR for optimal
    pressure redistribution over the entire surface.

The unique visco-elastic and thermo-active properties give an optimal pressure redistribution. Under the infl uence of body temperature and weight, TEMPUR “melts” around the body to provide aperfect support. Given the fact that the pressure is distributed over the entire body surface, the risk of pressure ulcers decreases.