Blood sample chair N

Feeling comfortable and secure

During laboratory procedures, patients seek comfort and safety as they often feel uneasy. The thick padding and pleasant upholstery of the Blood sample chair N will help them relax and your work can be done in no time. You can choose among three different padding thicknesses. No matter which, a 6 cm seamless padding or 8 or 10 cm stitched padding with memory foam, your patients will experience perfect comfort. Also, the color of your blood sample chairs can add to creating a reassuring atmosphere. You can choose among more than 30 colors of imitation leather to fit your premises.


Safe and easy access

No matter who your patients are, old or young, tall or short, fit or not, they will easily access the Blood sample chair N. The extremely low sitting position helps your patients to settle in and get off the chair with ease. They can also take hold of the handy support handles. They are firm and strong as they are attached to the base at the sitting section. As your patients can access the Blood sample chair N more easily, the average time you need for a patient will shorten, as will the queue outside your laboratory.


Simple to use

Blood taking might seem a minor laboratory procedure, but further treatment of patients depends on it. Thus, it is very important that the Blood sample chair N supports the staff with their work. As many patients come and go, tests need to run smoothly. Due to the low sitting position of the Blood sample chair N, patients can easily access without your additional help. The armrests are easily adjustable. You can set their height and tilt to gain the position that suits you best to take blood. As the armrests are padded, your patient will be comfortable, too. In case of an emergency, you can simply press the shock lever by foot and set the chair in the Trendelenburg position.

Simple cleaning and maintaining

It is crucial to ensure proper hygiene in a laboratory. Due to smooth surfaces of seamless padding you can maintain hygiene simply and effectively. Top quality imitation leather of Blood sample chair N is also water- and fire-resistant. To prepare a clean place for your next patient, you can simply pull the paper from a paper roll holder mounted at the back of the blood sample chair. To remove dirt from the leg section more easily, you can add a PVC cover. A plastic cover protects the base of the chair. Due to its smooth surface, it is easy to clean by your staff.





You can choose the color of your Blood sample chair N among more than 30 colors of imitation leather. It is top quality water repellent and fire-resistant imitation leather from the best European manufacturers. The leather is highly resistant to blood, urine, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mold. Choose the color to fit into your laboratory and let it help you make your patients trust you and feel more relaxed.