Bloodsample chair N

... for small procedures in laboratory

With its low position and support handles, blood sample chair N allows patients to sit easily and safely during laboratory procedures. By pressing a SHOCK lever, the chair is quickly set into Trendelenburg position. With its design and details, the chair seems slim and takes little space. Due to smooth surfaces and serially mounted paper roll holder, hygiene maintenance is simple and effective.


  • easily adjustable armrests are comfortable and pleasant to touch as well as easy to clean and maintain.
  • adjustable armrests and support handles are attached directly to the chair
  • patients settle easily thanks to low chair position and stable support handles
  • fixed height of the chair
  • the chair is easily set into trendelenburg position by a shock lever, which is pushed by foot so that hands stay free to help the patient
  • the chair can be equipped with legs (STEADY), individually lockable castors (READY) or castors with central locking system (GO)
  • thicker, seamless padding (6 cm)
  • upholstery available in more than 40 colours


  • Image 1: infusion stand
  • Image 2: head cushion N
  • Image 3: stitched padding with memory foam (8 cm)
  • image 4: extra soft stitched padding with memory foam (12 cm)
  • Image 5: PVC cover for leg section