Day hospital chair ZeroG

2 in 1

The Day hospital chair ZeroG perfectly replaces both a standard patient transport trolley and an electric hospital bed. It is an innovative solution developed in response to the latest trends in outpatient surgery and postoperative recovery. You will be able to prepare your patients for surgery and take them to the OP room in the same chair. As it can be easily set into a flat position, surgeons and their staff can safely transfer their patient on and off the operating table. Surgeons will easily set an optimal position for their patients’ fast recovery. Later on, patients will rest comfortably due to the ZeroG’s soft mattress, with the rails providing the necessary safety.


Easy access and preparation

Electric height adjustment feature of the Day hospital chair ZeroG supports your patients and your medical personnel. Using a hand switch, you can lower the chair to 58 cm to enable easy access for your patients. Then you can simply lift the chair to do your job. This way you protect your health and back by eliminating unnecessary bending. Integrated armrests on safety rails support your patient’s arm during preparation for surgery. An infusion stand can be attached on either side of the chair which is very handy during transport. The stand remains vertical regardless of the chair’s position.


Exceptional mobility and agility

The Day hospital chair includes a range of smart and simple features that make moving and maneuvering very easy. Your grip of the handy push handles will be firm and secure. As with any transport patient trolley, its castors are big and run smoothly. By simply pressing a lever, you can adjust them from any side of the chair due to a central locking system. Additionally, the chair is equipped with two fifth wheels. Moving along narrow corridors and turning on the spot will no longer be an issue. If you accidentally bump into an obstacle, each chair’s corner includes a bumper to protect the chair and its surroundings from damage.


Comfortable and safe recovery

The Day hospital chair can be easily adjusted into desired position. After surgery, you can safely transfer your patient onto the Day hospital chair set in completely flat position. Then, it is crucial to place your patient into an optimal position for recovery. By using a hand switch, you can easily adjust the chair into the desired position, for example with raised legs and bent knees. Due to the synchronic movement of chair sections, the positioning feels more pleasant. Firm and sturdy safety rails (EP patent Nr. 3496694) will protect your patient during transport and recovery. When resting after surgery, patients can independently adjust the position of the Day hospital chair. The Zero Gravity position, the most comfortable position for resting, can be set by simply pressing the “cloud” button on a hand switch. Due to its soft padding and effortless adjustments, the chair replaces a hospital bed perfectly.


Colours of the sky or antistatic black


Thin, but durable PU material is available in four different colors. Three of them are colors of the sky. They will make your patients feel like floating on a soft cloud while resting after surgery. If you need your padding to be antistatic, a black antistatic PU material is available.




Easy cleaning and maintainance


You will be able to clean the Day hospital chair easily and quickly due to the simple design of the lying surface and base cover. The lying surface is smooth and without folds. It is upholstered in a thin, extra strong PU coating. It is resistant to blood, urine, oil, fat and disinfectants to ensure proper hygiene. Base cover is UV-resistant, scratch resistant and prevents dirt from adhering so that it does not penetrate the interior.