Examination table S3

... three-section examination table for wide range of use

Three-section Examination table S3 is suitable for general and specialized examinations, since it enables treatment of a patient in different positions. Easy adjustable head and leg section, plastic base cover, serial circular switch and castors as well as other additions offer safe user experience to patients while ensuring quality work of medical staff.


  • hydraulic or electric height adjustment
  • table width is 65 or 75 cm
  • circular switch with electric model enables height adjustment from any side of the table
  • easy back and leg section adjustment, sitting section is fixed
  • seamless padding (4 cm)
  • table ensures maximum comfort
  • base cover design enables free side access 
  • supplied with retractable castors (Ø 75 mm) to move at short distances 
  • variety of accessories
  • upholstery available in more than 40 color


  • Image 1: thicker, seamless padding (6 cm)
  • Image 2: fixation rail
  • Image 3: infusion stand
  • Image 4: PVC cover for leg section
  • Image 5: paper roll holder under head section
  • Image 6: anti static castors
  • Image 7: increased weight capacity (240 kg)
  • Image 8: hand switch
  • Image 9: foot switch
  • Image 10: battery backup


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