Examination table SXL Plus

Perfect for any general or specialized examinations

S-line examination tables are distinguished by the simple and clean design. The tables will fully support the medical staff during general and specialized examinations as they feature two, three or four sections allowing different patient positions and a variety of available accessories. The tables ensure perfect patient comfort and safety due to 6 or 8 cm thick padding finished at a right angle that provides a wide lying surface.


High hygiene standards

The examination tables’ upholstery is made of top-quality imitation leather which is water and fire resistant. It is fully sealed due to the taped and welded seams on the underside. They prevent the penetration of any liquids, which simplifies the high hygiene standards maintenance.

Smooth surfaces of table’s base and seamless padding make the cleaning of S line examination table easy. A plastic cover made of durable ABS plastic protects the vital parts of the table. Due to its screw less attachment, the surface is completely smooth. It is also additionally coated with a scratch resistant PMMA coating, so you can wipe it down with water and soap.


Safety patient positioning
Examination tables are perfectly stable due to the sturdy base and the standard weight capacity of 250 kg. Hydraulic or electric height adjustment allows you to ensure easy and safe access for your patients as well as to adjust the working height that suits you. The table sections are supported by gas sprigs and with some models they are electrically operated which simplifies patient positioning, those overweight in particular. Examination tables stand firmly on their four rubber feet, but are easily moved due to retractable castors. The release and lifting of the castors are softened due to the integrated shock absorber.

To fulfill your needs



The colors in your practice inspire your patients’ trust and contribute to them feeling relaxed. You can choose among more than 30 colors of imitation leather for the upholstery of your Examination table SXL Plus. You will easily find the one that perfectly matches the other equipment in your premises. The leather is superior imitation leather from the best European manufacturers. It is resistant to urine, blood, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mold.