Gynaecological examination table S

… three-section table for gynaecological, urological, proctological and general examinations

Three-section gynaecology table S with its design and added elements is perfect for examinations in gynaecology, urology, proctology and general medicine. Plastic base cover, smooth surfaces, seamless upholstery and PVC cover ensure easy cleaning and minimal use of disinfectants.


  • three-section table with Göpel leg supports and all special adjustments for gynaecological, urological, proctological and general examinations
  • PMSG-E: circular switch for electric height adjustment; head, back and seat section are manually adjustable
  • PMSG-EX: double foot switch for height and seat section adjustment; head and back section are manually adjustable
  • table width is 65 or 75 cm
  • thicker, seamless padding (6 cm)
  • supplied with: retractable castors (Ø 75 mm) to move at short distance, Göpel leg support on fixation rail, retractable inox bowl under the seat section, support handles on fixation rail
  • upholstery available in more than 40 colors


  • Image 1: white Göpel leg support, mounted on fixation rail (pair)
  • Image 2: leg support - stirrup (pair)
  • Image 3: PVC cover for seat section
  • Image 4: paper roll holder under head section
  • Image 5: increased weight capacity (240 kg)
  • Image 6: hand switch
  • Image 7: foot switch
  • Image 8: urology holder
  • Image 9: battery backup

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