Gynaecology chair N

… with innovative solutions and simple use the chair speeds up your work

Easily adjustable

You can easily set the chair into the right position for examinations as the Gyneacology chair N comes with a double foot switch. By pressing buttons with your foot, your hands will remain free and clean. You can easily adjust the height not only for your patients’ access, but also to perform examinations and protect your back. The double foot switch includes a memory function. If you double click the button to lift the chair, it lifts and adjusts the back and the seat sections to an appropriate position for vaginal examinations. Then you only need to adjust the height to serve your needs. When the exam is over, simply double click the down button and the chair lowers so that your patient can easily get off the chair. As the adjustments are simple and quick, you can dedicate more time to your patients..


Innovative DUO leg rests

DUO leg rests are an innovative solution of the Gynaecology Chair N. When you adjust the chair to an appropriate position for examination, leg rests adjust simultaneously. When you perform vaginal examinations, your patients can keep their knees bent. During abdominal exams, DUO leg rests will perfectly support your patients’ extended legs. If necessary, simply push the leg rests to the sides or into a more parallel position. Less mobile patients in particular will appreciate the fact that leg rests can be used as support handles to settle into the chair. Also, they won’t have to lift their legs high to put them on the leg rests. PVC covers for leg rests are available to make cleaning easier.


Simple cleaning

You can maintain hygiene simply and effectively. The padding is seamless and covered with top quality imitation leather that is water repellent and fire-resistant. There is a handy paper roll holder at the back of the chair. Simply pull the paper over the chair to prepare a clean seat for your next patient. A PVC cover for the seat section is also available. Moreover, a resistant plastic covers the Gynaecology chair N’s base and the back of the sections. This way cleaning the chair becomes really easy.

Color your days


You will be able to easily choose the right color of your Gyneacology chair N to perfectly match your practice. More than 30 colors of imitation leather are available. It is top quality imitation leather from the best European manufacturers. The leather is resistant to urine, blood, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mold. Allow the colors to assist you in gaining your patients’ trust and making them feel relaxed.chimmel.


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