Massage table S2 - basic

High comfort

Massage and therapy tables S – basic ensure high comfort to your clients and patients during massage or physiotherapy treatments. The 8 cm thick padding is made of two-layer flexible, quick-recovery foam providing a wide and comfortable lying surface. The tables feature a breathing hole in the head section as part of the standard equipment. In combination with a face cushion made of memory foam, your patient’s face will be gently supported during treatment in prone position. A matching plug comes as a part of the standard equipment as well. To ensure that the patient’s neck, shoulders and back are completely relaxed, you can choose a three-part head section. The armrests are adjusted separately with a simple screw mechanism.


Fully adjustable

All basic massage and therapy table models are a perfect economical combination of elegance and functionality for massage studios, spas, resorts and physiotherapy practices. Together with a 200 kg weight capacity, the construction ensures perfect stability even when you apply strong pressure during treatment. The tables also feature retractable castors so you can easily move them around. Electric height adjustment helps you protect your health as the table can be positioned to the exact appropriate height for each individual treatment. Due to a simple foot switch, you will easily adjust the height while working even if your hands are covered in oil or lotion. The table sections are supported by gas springs allowing you to effortlessly adjust your patients’ position 

Easy to clean

The padding is upholstered in top quality imitation leather and is water- and fire resistant. It is seamless along the whole lying surface which makes it easier to clean. We recommend protecting the padding with a sheet or paper dispensed from a paper roll holder. Together with regular cleaning of massage oil and lotion residue, it will help you prolong the table’s life span. The vital parts of the table are protected by a durable ABS plastic cover. Its surface is completely smooth so wiping it down by only using a damp cloth is enough.





Your new massage table will perfectly match to your other equipment, as the top-quality imitation leather is available in more than 25 colors. It is fire- and water resistant and easy to clean.

Let the colors help you build a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere!

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