Stretcher SL

... hydraulic patient transport trolley allowing Trendelenburg position

Easy to handle

You will be able to easily maneuver the stretcher during transport. Big castors run smoothly and include a central locking system. The system allows the castors to move freely, in one direction or to be locked. To operate the system, you simply push one of the four pedals on each corner of table’s base. Dual height push handles providing you with a safe grip at the proper height are located at the head section. Additional fixed height handles are at the leg section. If you accidentally bump into an obstacle, bumpers on all four corners of the table top protect the table and surroundings.


Patient safety

The Stretcher SL has a height adjustment which is hydraulic. You can easily adjust the height by pushing the pedal on either side of the table.  

The height adjustment range is between 57 and 104 cm. To make sure your patient lies safely during transport, you can raise the foldable safety rails (EP patent Nr. 3496694). Both, the head and lying section, are manually adjustable which allows a comfortable half-sitting position and the Trendelenburg position in case of emergency. The table features also a variety of additional equipment such as an oxygen bottle holder, an infusion stand, a paper roll holder.


High hygiene standard

Smooth surfaces of the table’s base and seamless padding make cleaning the Stretcher SL easy. A plastic cover made of durable ABS plastic protects the vital parts of the table. Its surface is completely smooth due to screw-less attachment and additionally coated with a scratch- resistant PMMA coating. You can clean it simple with water and soap.  The mattress is upholstered in black antistatic PU material resistant to blood, urine, fat and disinfectant. The seams are welded and taped to prevent the penetration of liquids, which eases the hygiene maintenance.

Prepared for all your needs

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