Stretcher X - hydraulic

... best solution for positioning, transport and X-ray examination of emergency patients

Easy adjustable

You can easily adjust the height of the Stretcher X by using hydraulically operated foot switches. If needed, you can simply set the stretcher  into the Trendelenburg position. To make your patient even more comfortable, you can manually lift the head section.  Furthermore, the model with a four-section lying surface allows simultaneous adjustment of seat and leg sections


Excellent manageability and agility

Due to Stretcher X’s short wheel base and push handles with a firm and safe grip, you will be able to push, turn and avoid obstacles very easily. In case you accidentally hit something, the side bumpers additionally protect the table and the surrounding area from damage.
With the central locking system, you can adjust rubber castors from all sides of the table. It enables the four wheels to move freely, to move in one direction or to be locked. Optionally, you can equip the stretcher with the fifth wheel. Then, maneuvering and turning the stretcher on the spot will really become effortless.


Easy access during X-ray examinations

The lying area of Stretcher X is large and highly permeable to X-rays due to its innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017). Without transferring your patient from table to table for an X-ray examination, you can now easily access your patient with classic X-ray equipment or a C-arm. This innovative solution sets new standards for hospital stretchers in terms of design, accessibility and X-ray permeability.



The innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017) of the stretcher enables better accessibility and X-ray permeability. In emergency situations you no longer need to move patients from one table to another. Therefore, the treatment they receive is faster and easier.

As safety rails protect patients from falling (EP patent Nr. 3496694) during transport, they need to be firm and sturdy. We developed a special joint between horizontal and vertical rail bars (Patent Pending). It prevents breaking or bending of the rails and offers optimal safety to the patient.




Stretcher X’s mattress is available in 6/8/10 cm thick memory foam which offers maximum comfort. Black antistatic PU material, resistant to blood, urine, fat and disinfectants, ensures easy maintenance and proper hygiene. Depending on the treatment, we offer two types of mattresses.

When using the stretcher mostly for driving or patient examination, we suggest you choose the mattress with an anti-slip material and Velcro fasteners on the bottom that prevent sliding.

If you want to transfer your patients together with the mattress, you can choose the mattress with

a smooth bottom surface and side handles.

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