Surgery table S8-luxury

Flexible to fulfill your needs

The Surgery table S8-luxury meets your needs for performing various day surgery procedures. You can equip the table with all required accessories by mounting them on stainless steel fixation rails. The rails are extremely sturdy and firm. They are fixed on both sides of the back and seat sections. Adjustable armrests are part of S8 Surgery table’s standard equipment. They are very flexible and you can easily move them along the fixation rail. You can also adjust their height and incline to achieve the required position. This will support placing your patient into a completely symmetrical position. Optionally we also offer a telescopic infusion stand that you can mount on the fixation rail.


User friendly product

Surgery table S8 – luxury gives you maximum support during day surgery procedures. By using a hand switch, you can adjust all four sections of the table and achieve the required patient position for surgery. Due to its innovative memory function, you can save two additional preferred positions in addition to a completely flat position. This means pressing only one button to place your patient in the right position. With a handy circular switch, you can easily adjust the height from all sides of the surgery table. Therefore, your hands stay free and clean during the surgery. Due to table’s slender base and narrow head section, you can comfortably access your patient and perform your task.


Reliable equipment

Due to an extremely strong table base and firm rubber feet, the surgery table will not move or bend during surgery.  Its weight capacity is up to 240 kg. If you need to move the table, simply activate the antistatic retractable castors effortlessly. The built-in software prevents the surgery table from hitting the floor when you adjust its height. In the lowest position, the table stops just above the floor level. This adds to the safety of your patients.  The surgery table comes with an additional battery backup in case of a power outage so that you are able to complete your task.


Awarded design


The first impression your patients get when they visit your facility increases their trust in your medical personnel. Top medical equipment will contribute to building their trust. The Surgery table S8-luxury is not only of top-quality, but also features exceptional design. It resembles the design of our basic Examination table S that received the Red Dot Design Award in 2009.




Easy cleaning and maintaining


In operating rooms, hygiene is crucial. The design and materials used to construct the S8 – luxury Surgery table enable you to maintain proper hygiene in your operating room. Padding is seamless and durable. It is made of a high-quality memory foam and upholstered in antistatic black imitation leather. You can also choose any other color available from our three-color charts of top-quality imitation leather. A table base cover made of resistant ABS plastic protects the surgery table and the user. The PMMA cover coating is abrasion-resistant, making cleaning even easier.

Day surgery
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