Therapy table S3

For high comfort

Massage and therapy tables ensure perfect patient comfort during treatments. The 8 cm thick padding is durable and extremely comfortable. The lying surface is wider due to the padding edges finished at a right angle making it equal to the table width. All tables feature a breathing hole with a matching plug. The hole’s edges are padded with memory foam to maximize the comfort of patient’s face when lying in prone position.

A three-part head section is available with all models of massage and therapy tables to ensure full relaxation of the neck, back and shoulder girdle. Its new design allows the therapist unimpeded access to the patient when seated at the head section.


Fully adjustable

Massage and therapy tables feature electric height adjustment. By the circular switch with a simple up and down operation, you can ensure easy and safe access for your patients and appropriate height to work not to cause harm to your health. The three-, four- and eight- section therapy table models feature two electrically operated table sections to ease the patient positioning, with overweight patients in particular. They also include a simple-to-use hand switch to ease the positioning.

Massage and therapy tables are perfectly stable due to the sturdy base and standard 250 kg weight capacity. Even when practitioners apply strong pressure or when the patients roll over, the table won’t move or bend. Retractable castors featuring a shock absorber to soften the release and lifting of the castors allow you to effortlessly move the table across the room if necessary.


Easy to clean

The padding of massage and therapy tables is upholstered in high-grade imitation leather. It is water resistant and fire repellent. The seams around the breathing hole are welded and taped and as such they prevent the penetration of any liquids, massage oils and lotions in particular. To extend the life span of the upholstery, we recommend regular cleaning, especially to remove residues of oils. Use non-abrasive cleaners and after using a disinfectant, rinse with water and soap.

The vital parts of the table are protected by the ABS plastic cover. It is coated with a scratch-resistant PMMA coating and with screw-less attachment, it is completely smooth to ease the cleaning.




The colors used in your practice can contribute to your clients feeling relaxed. You can choose among more than 30 colors of imitation leather for the upholstery of your Therapy table S3. You will find the one that perfectly matches the other equipment in your practice. The leather is high-grade  imitation leather from the best European manufacturers. It is resistant to urine, blood, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mold.


Prepared for your needs

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