Transport table SL

… basic table, intended for general examination and to admit, transport and treat emergency patients

With its safety rails, bumpers, castors with central locking system and push handles transport table SL is a stable table for general examinations. Since it has 3 sections permeable to x-rays, it is also and excellent choice for admittance, transport and treatment of emergency patients.


  • hydraulic height adjustment by a pedal
  • table width is 65 cm
  • easy head section adjustment
  • thicker, seamless padding (6 cm)
  • stainless steel safety rails on both sides
  • castors with central locking system (Ø 125 mm)
  • base cover design enables free side access
  • supplied with bumpers and push handles
  • three sections permeable to x-rays
  • variety of accessories
  • upholstery available in more than 40 colors


  • Image 1: fixation rail
  • Image 2: infusion stand
  • Image 3: armrest, mounted on fixation rail (pc)
  • Image 4: elevated armrest, mounted on fixation rail (pc)
  • Image 5: laminate side table
  • Image 6: paper roll holder
  • Image 7: antistatic castors

General Examination_EN.pdf
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