Treatment table C

... superior and accessable to perform any kind of massages and physiotherapy treatments

The Treatment table C is designed with superior stability and preformance in mind. Excelent height adjustment range, generous dimensions, easy head section adjustment and accessories make the table comfortable for the patients and the practitioners.


  • two-section table (70 x 200 cm)
  • electric height adjustment with foot switch
  • excellent height adjustment range from 48 to 98 cm
  • easy access for the patient and optimal working position for practitioner
  • elongated oval breathing hole (10 x 24 cm) with a plug
  • manually adjustable head section
  • superior stability and weight capacity of impressive 180 kg
  • supplied with two wheels to move the table easily at short distances
  • thicker, seamless padding (5 cm) available in colors from color chart 3


  • Image 1: three part head section
  • Image 2: paper roll holder
  • Image 3: circular switch

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