Treatment table C3

... superior to perform any kind of massages and physiotherapy treatments

High stability

The Treatment table C3 is stable and sturdy, even when the treatment requires that you apply strong pressure. It won’t bend or move due to its construction and a 180 kg weight capacity. When you need to move the table, two small castors are mounted at the front legs for assistance.

The table can be moved easily


High comfort

The Treatment table C3 offers perfect comfort. Thanks to the 70 cm table width and 5 cm thick soft padding, your patients can comfortably lie down and roll over during treatment. Your patients’ face can rest in an oval breathing hole, when he is in a prone position. To prevent lines imprinted on the face, we recommend using our face cushions. The table is height adjustable by a foot switch or optionally by a circular switch. You can lift the table and perform the treatment sitting or standing.


Easy to clean

The upholstery of is made of top-quality imitation leather, which is water and fire resistant. To prolong the life span of the upholstery, we recommend cleaning it regularly. Use non-abrasive cleaners and after using a disinfectant, rinse with water and leave to dry



The colors of your practice contribute to your patients’ relaxation. You can choose among more than 25 colors of imitation leather for the upholstery. You will find the one that perfectly matches to your other equipment. The top quality leather is resistant to urine, blood, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mold.


Prepared for all your needs

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