Hospital chair Zero G

… excellent to prepare patients for surgery and make their transport and recovery after surgery safe and comfortable.

The Day hospital chair ZeroG was developed in response to the latest trends in outpatient surgery and postoperative recovery. With a design that enables easy and safe transport and facilitates extremely comfortable recovery after surgery, the new ZeroG chair perfectly replaces both a standard stretcher and an electric hospital bed.


  • electric height adjustment and simultaneous adjustment of all chair sections with clear and understandable hand switch:
     - independently adjustable back, sitting and leg section;
    presaved positions:
    Zero Gravity position, which offers pressure relief for the body and joints
           *extremely low sitting position for patients' easier access and preperation for surgery

           *completely flat
    , lying position to transfer the patient from the Day hospital chair ZeroG to any OP table and for safe transport as well
    Trendelenburg position
  • extremely soft padding with compact edge made of high-quality foam, that provides full body support along the lying surface and prevents overheating and sweating (14 cm)
  • manually adjustable head section with 7 different levels
  • firm and solid safety rails ob both sides of the chair protect patients against falls
  • integrated armrests for an easy preperation of patients for surgery and hand switch holder
  • push handles on optimal height to help manage the chair in any position
  • bumpers on the corners at leg section protect the chair and surrounding area from damage
  • castors with central locking system (Ø 150 mm)
  • two fifth wheels (Ø 200 mm) for excellent manageability even in the narrowest corridors of hospitals
  • base cover for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • weight capacity of the chair 250 kg


  • Image 1: adjustable footrest
  • Image 2: paper roll holder
  • Image 3: infusion stand holder, left
  • Image 4: infusion stand holder, right
  • Image 5: infusion stand


  • Image 6: fixation rail at sitting section (pair)
  • Image 7: black anti static padding
  • Image 8: PVC cover for leg section
  • Image 9: PVC cover for leg section with footrest
  • Image 10: anti static castors with central locking system (Ø 150 mm) (4 pcs)
  • Image 11: battery backup

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