Therapy chair ZeroG - exclusive

Premium Mattress

Mattress of Therapy chair Zero G is extremely soft due to three-layered high technology foam with an open-celled structure. It absorbs four times more moisture than conventional foam mattress and allows quicker elimination of vapor into the air. At the same time, it offers the best possible dissipation of body heat. In short, Zero G mattress ensures a pleasantly dry environment and prevents overheating and sweating. Moreover, the mattress provides full support and relief from pressure on the body and joints, which is crucial when your patients spend 4-8 hours in a reclining position and hardly moving. Even with heavy use, the quality of the foam does not diminish.


Zero gravity position

Your patients can set the therapy chair into the Zero Gravity position simply by pressing the “cloud” button on the hand switch. The Zero G position mimics the position of astronauts during launch to evenly distribute the intense pressure that is exerted on their bodies. Raising your head and legs slightly above your heart and stomach relieves the pressures of gravity from the body by distributing the body’s weight evenly. This permits for the right amount of needed support. Zero G position offers relief from pressure on the body and joints and increases circulation. It is an ideal position for patients who are often in pain and need to lie still for several hours during therapies.


Patients independency

A wide range of smart and simple features of the Therapy chair ZeroG makes patients independent in terms of making themselves comfortable during therapies. By pressing a single button on a hand switch, patients can set the chair into the Zero G position, a sitting or a completely flat position. Due to the synchronic movement of chair sections, the positioning feels more pleasant. Patients can also easily adjust the head section, armrests and the footrest to find their favorable position to make time fly during their therapy.


Easy handling

As your patients can easily adjust the therapy chair to feel more comfortable by themselves, it saves handling time for the medical staff and leaves them with more time to focus on the patient. All the handy features of the chair help nurses take care of their backs and health. They can easily adjust armrests to do their job properly or set the chair into the Trendelenburg position in case of an emergency. Due to handy push handles and castors with central locking system, personnel can also simply move the chair if necessary.



Colours of the sky


Light sky grey, sky blue and dark sky blue are the three colors of the thin, but strong PU material available. No matter what color you choose for your therapy chair, your patients will feel like floating on a soft cloud.




Simple cleaning and maintenance


You will be able to clean the therapy chair easily and quickly due to its simply designed lying surface and base cover. The lying surface is smooth and without folds. It is made of a thin, extra strong PU coating. It is resistant to blood, urine, oil, fat and disinfectants to ensure proper hygiene. The base cover is UV-resistant, scratch resistant and dirt does not adhere easily so it does not penetrate the interior.