General Imaging

Mindray DC-70 Expert with X-Insight


 X-Insight is an insightful solution to envision more.


Mindray’s brand-new solution is an excellent transforming of continuous customer insights

into clinical needs, combined with evolving cutting-edge ultrasound technologies.


As an intimate partner, DC-70 Expert with X-Insight focuses on what matters to you, helping you

manage your daily clinical practice with ease and certainty.


Based on deep insights into customer needs, the DC-70  Expert with X-Insight is designed to deliver

high efficiency with precision imaging, which is empowered by eXpress Clarity and eXceptional Intelligence, and benefits from eXceeding Experience.



Resona 7


Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. The premium technical combination between new generation ultrasound imaging technology and versatile analytical tools makes Resona 7 truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation.